Rep. Todd will sponsor legislation that:

  • Decriminalize 1 oz. or less of marijuana.
  • Provides a funding stream for the Affordable Housing Trust Fund.
  • Removes homophobic language from Alabama law on teaching sex education.
  • Removes pork from Education Budget.

Todd Legislative Priorities

The 2017 session will focused on a number of priorities:

  • The General Fund budget revenue shortfall. No solution was provided, but we continue to cut vital state services.
  • How to pay for new prisons. The $800 million dollar bond issue was not voted on, so we will have to deal with this in 2018.
  • Continuing to take money from classrooms to fund non-education programs.
  • Tax incentives for business development continue with no accountability or transparency.
  • ​Passed a bill to allow for legal discrimination against same sex couples in adoption.