Sex Education

Rep. Todd serves on the Education Budget Committee and is known as one of the most fiscally conservative members of the legislature.  She supports elimination of all "pork" projects that fund museums, parks, tourist sites as line items in the budget.  The funding for these projects should be vetted by state agencies to assure that all are treated equally.

All non-education appropriations currently in the Education Trust Fund should be transferred to the General Fund.

Rep. Todd is in favor of increasing property taxes and eliminating property tax exemptions for religious groups for any property they own that is not a worship facility.

Rep. Todd opposes any increase in the state sales tax, except to increase from 2% to 4% sales tax on new automobiles.

Republicans say they are not for raising taxes, but they propose a increase to the gas tax in 2017.  Todd will oppose the tax that will disproportionally hurt the poor.

Addiction and Recovery Programs


State Budgets

As the only openly LGBTQ elected official in Alabama, Rep. Todd has sponsored, and supports, legislation to prohibit workplace discrimination, include LGBTQ in the current state hate crimes law, and require Probate Judges to issue same sex marriage licenses.

A long time critic of tax incentives for economic development, Rep. Todd supports full transparency and accountability in all projects before we approve any incentive.  

Current Alabama law dictates that when teaching sex education in public schools, the instructor must include language that says "homosexuality is not an accepted lifestyle".  Rep. Todd has sponsored legislation to remove the language and assure that all sex ed instruction includes evidence based interventions.

Substance Abuse Treatment services should be available in every region in the state and should be offered on a sliding fee scale.  

Rep. Todd will work to modify the current law that incarnates women using opiates during their pregnancy to mandate pregnant women be housed in a confined community program that offers support services, health care, and addiction recovery planning.

 Tax Incentives

So called "religious freedom" bills have been introduced that would allow businesses to legally discriminate against any person that conflict with their religious beliefs.  This will totally dismantle the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that protects against discrimination.

In the 2014 legislative session, Representative Todd once again fought for the legalization of medical marijuana. She was instrumental in passing Representative Mike Ball's bill known as Carly's Law, which will allow those suffering from debilitating seizure disorders to participate in research done by UAB on cannibidiol (CBD) oil. Representative Todd is proud that this research is taking place here in Birmingham where it is most needed.  Rep. Todd supports, and will sponsor legislation to expand access to the CBD oil study at UAB, and will work to decriminalize possession of 1 oz. or less of marijuana.

Predatory payday and title lending practices have been prevalent in Alabama for years, throwing hard-working taxpayers across the state into a vicious, inevitable cycle of debt. Payday and title loans in Alabama can have interest rates -- legally-- of over four hundred percent, and lenders, who are eager to profit, will certainly not make positive changes themselves.

 Fair Lending Practices

Religious Freedom to Discriminate


Child Care

Alabama does not put one penny into childcare subsidies for low income working families.  All of the current subsidies come from the federal government.  Poor working families with children can not afford quality child care. In addition, Rep. Todd believes that all child care centers must be licensed by the state, including faith based centers.