What Is The Most Popular E-Sport?

People can get caught up in a fast-paced, exciting life in the virtual world. Esports games, in particular, have become popular because players compete against each other in real time. Yes, NPCs do make battles more exciting and add emotional weight to set storylines. But after a while, they often start to predict the future. … Read more

How Do Schools Deal With Sexism?

By adding short, simple anti-sexism activities to lessons or form time, you can start a conversation about sexism, change the culture, and motivate students to take action. Look for places in the curriculum where you can start talking about how men and women are treated differently. If the curriculum is too narrow, like if there … Read more

How do schools deal with LGBTQ students?

LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) students are often treated badly and harassed at school. Unfortunately, a lot of school officials don’t know much about how the law says they should protect LGBT students. And sometimes they do know they are breaking the law, but they don’t think students will question them because they think … Read more