How Can I Change My Life In 10 Days?

We have a challenge for you if you’re feeling down, stressed out, or just out of sorts. Courtney Carver from Be More With Less made the following so that anyone in a similar situation can start changing their life in just ten days. Good luck: I have been moping around a lot lately. I think there are times and places to wallow, but if you don’t do something to stop it, it can last longer than it should and turn into something it shouldn’t. When feeling sorry for yourself or worrying no longer helps, it’s time to move on.

What should I do?

I’ve come up with a great way for all of us to move on. I hope you’ll join me if you’re ready to stop moping around and worrying. In fact, anyone can do this 10-day challenge at any time, but it will be especially helpful during times of change, emotional conflict, and uncertainty. What’s the best? There’s no need to wait to start. You have everything you need, except for a quick trip to the grocery store. You don’t have to run away from your life, but for 10 days, you’ll find out what brings you joy, health, and peace by getting rid of everything else. By getting rid of the extra stuff, there will be room to try out some new healthy habits. Even though I think the best change is slow and steady and often happens inch by inch, a challenge is a great way to set clear boundaries and make time and space in many areas of your beautiful life. Think of this as a wake-up call that you gave yourself.

Rules for the 10 Day Challenge to Clean Up Your World

  1. Start with what you have. Don’t wait until you’re ready or decide to start after.. (insert excuse here). Begin where you are.
  2. Keep it simple. Get rid of everything you can, but keep in mind that this isn’t a project to make you suffer. If you need to, you can change the rules.
  3. Write it down. Leave a comment on this post to say you’re up for the challenge, and then write about your 10 day adventure. Tell us how things went (the good, the bad and the incredible).
  4. Set up your own limits. Not everyone can use the same plan. You are special and will get the most out of making something that fits your life. Outline your challenge on paper like I did above, and keep it where you can see it every day (I stuck mine to my laptop). At the end of the challenge, choose which habits you’d most like to keep in your less-messy life.
  5. Don’t forget that it’s only 10 days away. Don’t be afraid to get extreme and a little bit uncomfortable. Set daily goals that will keep you going. It might sound scary to give up sugar, but you can do it for 10 days. (You’ve had colds and visitors that lasted longer, but you’ve made it through)

How to Make Your Own 10-Day Challenge to Clean Up the World

We are all in different places in life and have different needs. Still, our worlds are all part of the same world, and there are some things that everyone could use more or less of. For example, think about your life with less meat, dairy, sugar, alcohol, processed foods, Facebook, TV, worry, and tiredness. Then, think about your life with more real food, exercise, sleep, quiet moments, love, and connection. Commit to making one small change or going all the way in each of the areas below.

Form Up

  • Food. Eliminate meat or sugar for a small change, or go all the way and only eat whole, vegan foods. Keep things simple by picking one meal for breakfast, two to four meals for lunch, and three to four meals for dinner. By eating the same few meals for 10 days, you will save time, money, and mental energy.
  • Move. Make a small change by deciding to walk for 10 minutes every day, or go all the way and try to move your body for 100 minutes every day. 30 minutes of walking, 60 minutes of yoga, and 10 minutes of push-ups, sit-ups, and stretching equals 100 minutes of exercise. To make more time, you might have to give up TV, phone, and internet.
  • Sleep. Make one small change, like taking a bath or drinking a cup of tea while reading for a few minutes. This will tell your body that it’s time to sleep. Stop drinking coffee and alcohol all day and don’t watch TV or use the computer after 6 p.m. Move your TV, computer, phone, and anything else that has to do with work out of your bedroom. Keep your room as cool and dark as you can so you can sleep well.

Cut back

Home. Put a box by your front door as a small change. Fill it with things to donate for 5 minutes a day, or choose a whole room to declutter over 10 days, or do something else to get rid of clutter, like going paperless. During the 10 day challenge, promise to only buy what you need.

Work. Make a small change like not checking your email until 10 a.m., or go all out and clean up your workspace and cancel or reschedule any meetings or commitments that aren’t essential.

Tune In

Brain. Make one small change and promise to sit in silence for 10 minutes a day, or go all out and start meditating every day and staying off the internet every night after 5 p.m. and for 24–48 hours straight during the challenge.

Heart. Fill your heart with gratitude and the desire to connect with others, and promise to write or call someone you care about every day for 10 days. If you can, choose a different person every day, and let your 10 day world challenge make 10 other people’s days better.

If you can’t read what I wrote in the image above, here’s what my challenge is: 100% vegan diet with 4 meal choices for 30 meals, no coffee or alcohol, nothing to eat or drink after 7pm except tea or water, 100 minutes of exercise a day, a commitment to go paperless and to review and get rid of work projects and commitments, meditate for 5 minutes a day, write 1000 words a day, mail 1 thank you note a day, and take a 24 hour digital s Just a quick reminder: your world is not the world.

Don’t try to fix anything or anyone around you during your 10 day challenge. It doesn’t matter who agrees or supports the idea. Give yourself permission to focus on yourself so you can give the world your best self. Use the 10 day challenge whenever you need to shake things up or take action, or try it every September, January, and April as a reminder to focus on what’s most important. It’s not selfish to do this; it’s important.

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