What College Has The Most LGBTQ?

Want to study in the US and specifically want a campus where LGBTQ students can feel welcome? Every year, the Campus Pride Index puts out a list of the most LGBTQ-friendly colleges and universities in the US. The list is meant to show which schools give LGBTQ students a good, safe, and inclusive experience. The … Read more

What Is The Age Limit For Harvard?

Minimum Age Policy The people who go to Harvard Extension School are working adults. The average age of our students is 32, and our classes are taught at a high academic level. Students must be at least one of the following ages to sign up for credit or noncredit courses at Harvard Extension School: Noncredit … Read more

What Is The World’s Oldest School?

The question in the title seems simple, but to answer it, you need to know some background information and put things into groups. Depending on the parameters set, the answer or list of answers may be different. For example, if we use Rashdall’s (1895) definition of a university as a place that gives both undergraduate … Read more

What Is The Hardest School To Get Into?

As the 2022–2023 school year goes on, the very top of the American college admissions process continues to be incredibly tough. More people are applying to schools that are seen as “elite” and “prestigious” than ever before. At the start of the pandemic, many colleges made it possible to apply without taking a test. This … Read more

What Jobs Can You Not Have Tattoos?

Even though tattoos have become a big part of our culture, there are still a lot of jobs where you can’t show them off. Here’s a short list of some of the most common jobs where tattoos aren’t allowed or where you have to cover them up: People who work in health care Jobs in … Read more

Where Is The Safest Place To Live If You Are LGBTQ?

A report from USA Today says that Nevada is the best state for LGBTQ+ people, while Alabama is the worst. The states that are next worst for LGBTQ+ people are: Wyoming Montana The state of North Dakota Kentucky The state of South Dakota Idaho Michigan Tennessee Kansas The report says that unlike most states, which … Read more

How Can I Make My Life Better?

By taking steps to improve yourself, self-improvement not only helps you do your best, but it also makes you feel better overall. People who put an emphasis on self-improvement tend to have a higher sense of self-worth and are also more resilient. Here are self-improvement activities you can do any chance you get: Set your … Read more

How Can I Change My Life In 10 Days?

We have a challenge for you if you’re feeling down, stressed out, or just out of sorts. Courtney Carver from Be More With Less made the following so that anyone in a similar situation can start changing their life in just ten days. Good luck: I have been moping around a lot lately. I think … Read more

How Can I Change My Mental Life?

You can learn how to change your life and live the life of your dreams. It might not seem possible, but it is. If you look around, there is always someone in the world who grew up in a similar place, time, and situation as you but managed to change their life for the better. … Read more

What Does Cacao Do For The Body?

Cacao trees were first tamed about 5,000 years ago in South America. Today, they can be found in equatorial regions all over the world. Both cocoa powder and its less well-known cousin, cacao powder, are made from the beans of these trees. Before being turned into cacao or cocoa powder, cacao beans go through a … Read more