What College Has The Most LGBTQ?

Want to study in the US and specifically want a campus where LGBTQ students can feel welcome? Every year, the Campus Pride Index puts out a list of the most LGBTQ-friendly colleges and universities in the US. The list is meant to show which schools give LGBTQ students a good, safe, and inclusive experience.

The list is based on eight things, such as policies that include LGBTQ people, housing, school life, and student life.

Below, we’ve chosen at random 10 of the most LGBTQ-friendly universities in the US, all of which got a perfect five out of five stars on the Campus Pride index. The QS World University RankingsĀ® 2021 also lists all of these universities.

The State University of New Jersey in New Brunswick is called Rutgers.

Rutgers University – New Brunswick was founded in 1766 and has 48,000 students. It is ranked 258th in the world by the World University Rankings. The Center for Social Justice Education and LGBT Communities (SJE) at Rutgers tries to give LGBTQ students a welcoming and supportive environment. It does this by offering counseling, career advice, networking, service referrals for those who need them, drop-in centers, training programs, and more. Rutgers also gives scholarships to students who are LGBTQA.

Tufts University is a school in Boston, Massachusetts.

Tufts University is in Medford, Massachusetts, and is tied for 260th place in the World University Rankings. It has five stars on the Campus Pride index because it makes an effort to include LGBTQ students by giving them gender-inclusive housing, health care options, and the chance to change their names and pronouns. Tufts makes sure that LGBTQ students feel welcome by having groups like the LGBT center, which gives all students and staff a place to “explore their unique relationship to gender and sexuality through personal, activist, or academic lenses.”

University of Ohio State

Ohio State University is in Columbus, Ohio, and was founded in 1870. It is currently ranked as the 108th best university in the world. The Multicultural Center and Office of Student Life at the university offer LGBTQ students a number of “Q*mmunity” groups, such as CORE: Coming Out for Racial Equity, the First Year Q*mmunity, and Q*mmunity of LGBTQ Students and Allies. The center also hosts a number of LGBTQ events throughout the year, like LGBTQ History Month and National Coming Out Day in October.

Colorado University at Boulder

The QS World University Rankings put the University of Colorado at Boulder in a tie for 230th place. It is a welcoming place for LGBTQ students and celebrates them. Its Gender and Sexuality Center helps students by giving them scholarships, services, and other resources. It also runs the annual TRANSforming Gender Conference. PrideFest is one of the biggest pride events in the US, and the university has been an official sponsor of it.

The University of Massachusetts Amherst

The University of Massachusetts Amherst, which has about 28,500 students and is currently ranked joint 270th in the world, is the next university on our list of the most LGBT-friendly in the US. Its Stonewall Center was one of the first LGBTQIA+ resource centers to open in the US in 1985. It offers cultural and educational programs, a speaker’s bureau on LGBTQIA and ally issues, and information, support, and referrals to students who need them.

College of Oregon

This year, the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon, which is ranked between 600 and 650 in the world, has about 25,000 students. Its Office of the Dean of Students tries to make sure that all students have a positive and welcoming experience by providing LGBTQIA+ scholarships, student groups, speaker panels, career advice, and more. Students at the University of Oregon can also choose to live in specialized communities that fit their needs, beliefs, and ways of life.

Pennsylvania University

The University of Pennsylvania (UPenn), which is in Philadelphia and is ranked 16th in the world, has about 20,000 students right now. The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Center at Penn is one of the oldest in the US. It has been serving the LGBTQ community at the university for more than 30 years. The center gives LGBTQ people a place to study and hang out, as well as peer mentorships and events that happen throughout the year. It is also the center for more than 25 groups of undergraduate and graduate students.

Washington University

The University of Washington in Seattle, Washington, is ranked 72nd in the world and is a top school on the Campus Pride index because of the Q Center, a resource center for LGBTQ students that is mostly run by students. On Washington’s Campus Pride report card, which shows how the school did in eight categories, the academic life, student life, counseling and health, and recruitment and retention all get perfect scores.

The University of Princeton

Princeton University is known for being one of the most prestigious schools in the US. It is ranked 12th in the world, and the Campus Pride index gives it five stars. The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Center at Princeton was founded in 2005. Its goal is to give LGBTQ students a safe, affirming place to talk about gender identity, attend events, and get help, advice, and referrals about LGBTQ issues.

University of Pennsylvania State

Pennsylvania State University has about 46,184 students and was founded in 1855. It is tied for 101st place in the latest QS World University Rankings. Its LGBTQA Student Resource Center (SRC) offers a wide range of programs, education, information, and advocacy services. The university also offers a minor in sexuality and gender studies and LGBTQA scholarships. Students can also get involved with LGBTQ student groups through the SRC.

Other US colleges that welcome LGBTQ students

The Campus Pride index doesn’t stop there. Another 28 US universities and colleges got five stars in the index, making them the most LGBTQ-friendly in the country. If you’re an LGBTQ student looking for an inclusive and supportive university, you should definitely look into these schools.

Augsburg College, Elon University, Harvey Mudd College, Guilford College, Indiana University Bloomington, Ithaca College, Kansas State University, Kent State University, Kenyon College, Lehigh University, Macalester College, Montclair State University, Northern Kentucky University, Purdue University, Portland State University, San Diego State University, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Southern Oregon University, University of Kentucky, U.

The list of losers

Some universities and colleges in the US are still behind their peers when it comes to being open to LGBTQ people. Campus Pride’s “Shame List” shows which schools are “the worst for LGBTQ youth.” These places may have asked for an exception to Title IX so they could treat LGBTQ youth badly, or they may have a history of treating LGBTQ people badly. Brigham Young University, Oklahoma Baptist University, the University of Dallas, Yeshiva University, and Spring Arbor University are some of the schools on this list.

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