What Is A “Stand-Up Meeting”?

A stand-up meeting is a daily team meeting where everyone on a development team gets an update on how things are going. This semi-real-time status update brings up possible problems and helps people work together to solve difficult and time-consuming ones. Stand-up meetings are most often used in Agile development methods like scrum, but they can be used in any development method.

The term “stand-up” comes from the fact that people often stand instead of sitting. This is because standing for a long time is uncomfortable, so meetings tend to be short.

A stand-up meeting is also called a stand-up, a daily stand-up meeting, a scrum meeting, a morning roll call, and a daily scrum meeting.

Most stand-up meetings last no more than 15 minutes, and people stick to the main points and don’t have full-blown discussions. Everyone stays interested and on task because they have to stand. Most of the time, the meeting is held at the same time and place at the start of every work day.

Each team member is encouraged or invited to come to the meeting. However, even if some people don’t show up, the meeting will still happen as planned. The main goal of stand-up meetings is to find problems before they become big problems, and to get people talking about them again to help solve them.

In a stand-up meeting, each member of the team has a chance to answer three questions that haven’t been asked:

  • What was done after the stand-up meeting the day before?
  • What are the goals of the present moment?
  • What problems need to be solved?

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