What Jobs Can You Not Have Tattoos?

Even though tattoos have become a big part of our culture, there are still a lot of jobs where you can’t show them off. Here’s a short list of some of the most common jobs where tattoos aren’t allowed or where you have to cover them up:

People who work in health care

Jobs in health care and policy on tattoos

Some piercings and tattoos have to be removed or covered up in hospitals and medical offices. Ear piercings that are more common are usually okay, but big tattoos may make it hard to get a job in some hospitals or clinics. Most people in this field aren’t allowed to have tattoos because they work directly with patients.

Officers of the law and police

Most of the time, piercings aren’t allowed because suspects who fight back could hurt the officer. Another point of view is that it is not professional and makes people feel scared. Law enforcement still thinks that people with tattoos are more likely to break the law. Officers have to take pictures and write down all of a suspect’s tattoos when they book him or her. This is because tattoos are often associated with gangs, and they also make it easier to recognize someone if they have changed their look in other ways. Even though there are rules against it, a lot of police officers have tattoos that they have to hide while on duty.

Law offices

The legal field and tattoos

Lawyers and their staff are another part of law enforcement and the justice system. The field of law is like the field of medicine. Lawyers and attorneys can have tattoos, just like doctors and surgeons, but they can’t show them at work or in court. A lawyer will not have any tattoos that are easy to see, like ones on the neck or knuckles. Their support staff, like secretaries and clerks, are also expected to look professional, and tattoos are usually not allowed. In the legal field, there can be very strict rules about how people should look.

Administrative Assistants and Front-Desk Personnel

Most big companies won’t hire people with visible tattoos because they have strict rules about things like too much make-up, jewelry, nail polish, and hair colors that don’t look natural. It’s safe to assume that facial piercings and tattoos will also be considered inappropriate for administrative assistants to have at work.

Institutions that handle money and banks

There are a lot of different jobs in this category, such as accountants, financial advisors, bank tellers, stock brokers, etc. People who work in banking usually don’t have tattoos or piercings, because they need to be seen as highly professional and trustworthy. Tattoos are seen as unprofessional in the financial sector, even if they have nothing to do with how well you do your job.


Standards for Teachers and Tattoos

When compared to expensive private schools, public schools tend to be less strict. But they often say that tattoos must always be covered. Most of the time, they ask because their parents don’t like tattoos or are afraid of them. Colleges and universities, day care workers, and art teachers have the most lax rules (excluding those in private schools). Much will depend on how the institution feels about hiring “appropriate” role models to work with young children.

Hotels / Resorts

In the hospitality business, too, what you do depends on where you work. Most high-end hotels and resorts have rules that their front desk staff can’t have tattoos or piercings. Staff members who don’t interact with hotel guests might be able to show off their tattoos, but this is rare, and the dress code usually applies to everyone who works in a hotel or resort.


If you have tattoos and want to work for the government, it’s clear that you can do that. In this field, it’s frowned upon for the same reason it’s frowned upon in law enforcement. Tattoos are often banned in this area because they are seen as unprofessional.


The military has rules about tattoos.

When it comes to tattoos, the armed forces are always a puzzle. Tattoos aren’t allowed, but a lot of people in the military have tattoos that can be seen. When you cross the equator or sail around Cape Horn, getting a tattoo is a big part of a lot of Navy traditions. Each branch has its own set of rules. When it comes to tattoos, the Air Force tends to be the least strict.

Tattoos are a way to show who you are, and many people have strong feelings about their body art. Employers can’t treat people differently because of their race, age, or gender, but they can have strict rules about how people look. A lot depends on the job you have and how your boss feels about tattoos that can be seen. But you can bet that getting a tattoo on your face or neck will make it much harder to get a job in some fields, like law enforcement or banking. It’s strange that we want tattoos on rock stars but not on lawyers or bankers.

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